D.C. Democracy

The Second Amendment and Concealed Carry in DC

You probably saw that yesterday afternoon, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine announced that the District would not be appealing the D.C. Circuit’s decision on the city’s public-carrying law to the Supreme Court. This was a difficult decision, but we think the Attorney General made the right call, and we are glad he […]

A Busy Week: Statehood, CareFirst Reform, Public Safety

It’s been a busy week in the District and at DC Appleseed. We have important updates on three different projects–D.C. Democracy, CareFirst Reform, and Public Safety–and we wanted to let you know about them. Statehood Will Be on the District’s November Ballot On Tuesday, the D.C. Council unanimously approved a […]

Time to Regulate Marijuana in the District

As the Washington Post noted in an editorial last week, Congress has put the District in a difficult spot over marijuana legalization. While District voters overwhelmingly backed legalization through Initiative 71 in 2014, Congress has continued to prohibit the District from using its current fiscal year appropriation to enact the […]

It’s Time to Claim Budget Autonomy

The District has patiently attempted every conceivable strategy to achieve the right to budget autonomy–the right of District residents to decide for themselves how to spend their locally raised tax dollars. District officials have worked for decades on Capitol Hill to get a budget autonomy bill, but Congress could not […]