Anacostia Waterfront Initiative

DC Appleseed is working to ensure that the District creates more affordable housing, improves employment opportunities for local residents, and protects the Anacostia River during the development of the Anacostia waterfront.

Anacostia Watershed and River Restoration

DC Appleseed is working to clean up the Anacostia River, transforming it into a centerpiece for recreation, economic development, and neighborhood revitalization.

Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield Reform

DC Appleseed is working to ensure that the nonprofit CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, the largest health insurance company in the mid-Atlantic region, meets its obligation to serve the public as a charitable and benevolent organization.

Child Support

DC Appleseed is working to improve the District’s child support system for the nearly 50,000 children with open cases.

Children’s Health

DC Appleseed is working on key initiatives designed to address poor health indicators among DC’s children.

D.C. Attorney General

DC Appleseed is examining how the District can prepare for its first Attorney General election in 2014.

D.C. Budget Autonomy

DC Appleseed advocates for the federal government to compensate the District for federally-imposed revenue limitations and local budget autonomy.

D.C. Voting Rights

DC Appleseed has been a central player in the effort to gain voting representation in Congress for the District of Columbia.

Gun Safety

DC Appleseed is advocating for the D.C. Council’s authority to enact gun control measures that protect public safety and comply with the Supreme Court’s decision in Heller v. District of Columbia.


DC Appleseed monitors the District government’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and makes recommendations for improvements.

Improving End-of-Life Care

DC Appleseed is working to improve DC residents’ opportunities to make timely, informed choices about their end-of-life medical care.

Lead in Drinking Water

DC Appleseed is working to reduce the health risks posed by lead in the District’s drinking water.

Special Education

DC Appleseed advocates for expanded dispute resolution options to help all students get the education they deserve.

Working Poor Families

DC Appleseed is working to improve economic opportunities for the District’s low-income families.