Read our latest white paper: “Results from a Survey of DC’s Early Childhood Education Workforce”

Despite the high costs to families, the business model for childcare providers is not lucrative. The costs for maintaining the space, programming, and staff often exceed monthly revenues. Most providers are forced to manage these circumstances by compensating staff with low wages. In the District, an early educator can expect […]

A Real Chance for a CareFirst Settlement

Throughout our longstanding effort to hold CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield accountable to its nonprofit mission, we’ve always hoped for a settlement that would avoid further litigation and protect the public interest. Now, because of an order this week from the D.C. Insurance Commissioner, a settlement finally is within reach. The Commissioner of the D.C. […]

On HIV in DC: New Stats, New Survey

We are marking another milestone in our fight to end the HIV epidemic in DC. It is an opportunity for us to touch base about what the numbers are, what factors may help or hurt our efforts, and how you can get involved. This week the Mayor announced great news […]

Holding Congress Accountable on the Health Care Bill

Although Congress’s pending health care bill has been overshadowed by other headlines, the Senate and the President are moving forward with efforts to undo the Affordable Care Act (ACA). According to recent press reports, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to have a vote by July 4 on the Affordable […]

Debunking D.C. Myths

Yes The District of Columbia is the seat of federal power, yet the city’s own residents have less representation in the Capitol than other U.S. citizens. Not only that, the District’s local laws and budgets are more vulnerable to Congressional interference than other jurisdictions. These days especially, D.C. residents and their […]