Amber Rieke

Ending the HIV Epidemic in DC: 2017 Progress Report

A year ago on World AIDS Day, DC Appleseed stood at a press conference with the Washington AIDS Partnership, Mayor Muriel Bowser and Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt of the DC Department of Health (DOH) to release the 90/90/90/50 Plan – the blueprint to end the HIV epidemic in DC. We set ambitious […]

Four Goal Chart

On HIV in DC: New Stats, New Survey

We are marking another milestone in our fight to end the HIV epidemic in DC. It is an opportunity for us to touch base about what the numbers are, what factors may help or hurt our efforts, and how you can get involved. This week the Mayor announced great news […]

Survey for Early Childhood Workforce is Online Now!

Do you work in early care and education in DC? Please take our survey! This new initiative builds on the report we issued earlier this year about the high cost of providing high quality care to infants and toddlers. Now we are trying to help District policy makers better understand […]

New Report on Special Education Envisions “A Place for Every Student” in DC

The beginning of a new school year is a time to celebrate growth and promise. Families hope the best for their students – that they will be safe and nurtured at school, that they will flourish and meet new milestones. Unfortunately, the picture has not always been so promising in […]


Little girl learning to walk, with her Mother or an attentive babysitter.  Set indoors in a library or daycare.

Finding Solid Footing: The Realities of Providing Quality Child Care in DC

It is a common complaint that child care is expensive in DC. In fact, the tuition rates are among the highest in the country. Parents also know that the market is competitive. There is available space in licensed programs for only one-third of children under age three. Yet, the economic […]


Our Study of the Costs of Providing Quality Child Care is Now Underway

DC Appleseed and the DC Fiscal Policy Institute are collaborating to produce a study to better understand the costs facing child care providers committed to meeting the District’s high quality standards. We are especially concerned that reimbursement for subsidized services for low-income families are not keeping up with the costs, […]