DC Appleseed’s Mission

For over 20 years, through litigation and other methods, DC Appleseed has helped make the District of Columbia a better place to live and work. Throughout our history, we have taken on some of the District’s toughest problems, developed proposed solutions to those problems, worked to get our proposed solutions adopted and implemented, and then monitored the implementation to make sure it actually improves services to District residents, particularly low-income residents and people of color.

DC Appleseed is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to DC Appleseed are tax-deductible.

What Makes DC Appleseed Unique and Effective

First, we leverage our limited budget several times over with pro bono support from law firms, accountants, and other professionals – allowing our small staff and hands-on Board of Directors to tackle a broad range of activities to improve the National Capital area.

Second, we are a local organization, working exclusively on the biggest public policy problems facing the National Capital Area – from voting rights to health care to environmental concerns to jobs and housing and more.

Third, we are independent, non-partisan and objective. We do not come to any issue with an agenda or predetermined viewpoint and we take a position on an issue only after thoroughly researching it from all sides and determining what we see as the best policy for the District. We never accept government funding.

Finally, DC Appleseed gets results. We are efficient, effective advocates. We build support and consensus for the solutions we propose by working closely with government leaders and community stakeholders during our investigations and as we formulate our positions. This collaborative approach builds broad support for implementing recommended changes. So in the end, DC Appleseed doesn’t simply call for positive change, we help make change happen.