Strengthening DC’s Workforce Development System: Read Our Latest Testimony to Council

On Thursday, November 30, the DC Council’s Committee on Labor and Workforce Development heard testimony on the “Adult Career Pathways Taskforce Expansion Amendment Act of 2017.” The bill would expand the District’s Adult Career Pathways Task Force to include mempexels-photo-256401bers of DC’s business community. The task force was created in 2014, and was charged with developing a strategic plan to connect programs aimed at linking adult literacy programs in the city with career pathway programs – to ensure adults who boost their basic skills can then connect to meaningful education and employment opportunities.

DC Appleseed Deputy Director Judy Berman provided testimony to the Committee on Thursday, applauding their efforts to foster greater business involvement on the task force, but urging for “reset” on the task force’s mission – with a greater focus on addressing “hard system-design questions about agency roles and resources.” See her testimony here.


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