Saluting Roger Wilkins

Roger Wilkins was one of the truly great citizens of the District of Columbia, and DC Appleseed was lucky to work with and be inspired by him. He served on our Advisory Council, worked with us on a number of school reform wilkins-sm
issues, was a plaintiff in the D.C. voting rights and commuter tax lawsuits we and others helped bring, and was always ready to assist us on matters that concerned the advancement of the District. We were glad to honor him and Dorothy Height as the first recipients of our Community Champion awards back in 2006, and  the stories and advice he and Dorothy offered at that event are one of the most moving moments in DC Appleseed’s history.

But the thing I remember most is when Roger spoke at the first DC Appleseed event I  attended, back in 2001. Roger said then that those who have the ability and resources to make their community better have an obligation to do so. It is a principle DC Appleseed tries to live by, and Roger showed  how to do it. We will miss him.

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