Monthly Archives: March 2016

We Won

By now you have probably heard the excellent news: the D.C. Superior Court ruled on Friday that the local budget autonomy referendum overwhelmingly ratified by the voters is valid law. And shortly afterward, the District’s chief financial officer announced that he now has the “definitive ruling” needed to go forward […]

Little girl learning to walk, with her Mother or an attentive babysitter.  Set indoors in a library or daycare.

Finding Solid Footing: The Realities of Providing Quality Child Care in DC

It is a common complaint that child care is expensive in DC. In fact, the tuition rates are among the highest in the country. Parents also know that the market is competitive. There is available space in licensed programs for only one-third of children under age three. Yet, the economic […]

It’s Time to Hold CareFirst Accountable

It’s now been nearly a year since CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield’s District-based subsidiary, Group Hospitalization and Medical Services, Inc. (GHMSI), failed to file a plan for returning $56 million in excess 2011 surplus to the community, as ordered by the D.C. Insurance Commissioner. Even though the Commissioner should proceed carefully in […]