What the Anacostia River Can Become

What if people could swim and fish in the Anacostia River?

What if the River were an economic engine of the District, creating benefits for people who live in the nearby neighborhoods?

What if the River became a recreational destination for people all over the region?

Your tax-deductible year-end gift can help us find out.

We are pursuing two big initiatives to make the Anacostia River the great national treasure it should be. First, we have to clean up the River. We are helping do that by collaborating with D.C. leaders to remove the toxic pollution that has contaminated the River’s sediment and to reduce stormwater run-off–the biggest ongoing source of pollution in the River. These two initiatives are a major part of the reason many think the Anacostia could be swimmable and fishable by 2025.

Second, we are working with the Anacostia Waterfront Trust to create a dynamic civic space on the land along the Anacostia River. We think that with the right planning, a model urban waterfront park can bring community benefits–like new jobs and affordable housing–to neighborhoods East of the River. We are partnering with the Federal City Council, Georgetown University, the Urban Institute, and neighborhood organizations to plan an ambitious urban park that will both connect D.C. residents to the long-neglected River and benefit communities along the banks of the Anacostia.

Other cities take full advantage of their waterfront, where they are bustling with people, restaurants, and businesses–as along the District’s Potomac River waterfront.

It’s time D.C. reaps the same benefit from the Anacostia River.

Please donate to help make this a reality. We need your help to meet this ambitious, attainable goal.


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