Monthly Archives: May 2015

Protecting Public Safety

You’ve probably heard that on Monday, a visiting federal judge from New York declared the District’s requirements for carrying guns in public unconstitutional. The D.C. Council enacted those requirements last fall in response to that same judge’s earlier decision declaring the District’s ban on public carrying unconstitutional. We’re glad that […]

Implementing D.C. Democracy

I hope you saw our letter in yesterday’s Washington Post urging D.C. officials to use the city’s reserve funds to enact a regulatory scheme for marijuana. Even though we think the reserve funds should be used only in rare cases, we have such a case now. Three months ago, we […]

Making Sure that CareFirst Meets Its Obligations to the District

I wanted to let you know about the latest developments in our efforts to ensure that CareFirst meets its nonprofit mission to serve the healthcare needs of residents of the National Capital area. We expect that the D.C. Insurance Commissioner will proceed soon with a plan to require CareFirst to […]

In Life and Policy, Asthma is a Year-Round Challenge

Today is World Asthma Day, organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma to increase awareness and improve care across the globe. Asthma is a timely topic in the spring when many children are outdoors playing, and pollens and allergens are in the air. But fighting Asthma is a year-round challenge […]