Monthly Archives: February 2015

Keeping Up the Fight

We¬†strongly support Mayor Muriel Bowser’s announcement today that Initiative 71 legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana will take effect as of tomorrow. As Mayor Bowser said, the District’s view is that the initiative was enacted when the Board of Elections certified that the voters had overwhelmingly approved it. So […]

Shouldn’t Education and Training Lead to a Career? 1

The District of Columbia’s economy is thriving, but not all residents benefit from the boom in development. In a few years, three-quarters of all jobs in DC will require some postsecondary education. Yet over 60,000 District residents lack a high school diploma or equivalent degree, and many don’t even read […]

A Way Forward on D.C. Marijuana Regulation

You may have heard that the D.C. Council held a roundtable today on how to regulate and tax legal marijuana in the city. The hearing was designed to help implement D.C. voters’ overwhelming approval of Initiative 71 last November. That initiative legalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana under District […]

The Many Challenges of Managing Asthma in DC

The untimely death of Tim Clark at age 26 from complications following an asthma attack is a reminder of just how serious asthma can be and should serve as a wake-up call.¬† Mr. Clark was a former staffer for Councilmember McDuffie, served on the Edgewood Civic Association and as an […]