Monthly Archives: December 2014

We Won

As DC Appleseed’s 20th year comes to a close, I wanted to share with you some terrific news that we just learned regarding one of our longest running projects: ensuring that CareFirst meets its charitable obligations to the region as required by its charter from Congress. This afternoon, the D.C. […]

Ending HIV/AIDS in the District of Columbia

This morning, DC Appleseed was joined by Mayor Vince Gray and senior Department of Health officials as we released our Ninth Report Card on HIV/AIDS in the Nation’s Capital. At the release, we celebrated the great progress the District has made since our 2005 report, HIV/AIDS in the Nation’s Capital: […]

HIV/AIDS Report Card Acknowledges the District’s Progress, Flags Serious Issues for Leadership to Address

Nine years ago, DC Appleseed issued its 2005 report, HIV/AIDS in the Nation’s Capital: Improving the District of Columbia’s Response to a Public Health Crisis. Subsequently, DC Appleseed’s Report Cards have documented the progress made by the District government to address various elements of the HIV epidemic. On Tuesday, December […]

Upholding Initiative 71

In the past few days, it has been widely reported that Congress has effectively overturned the initiative overwhelmingly endorsed by D.C. voters legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. We think these reports are inaccurate. We also think supporters of D.C. democracy should take heart that there are good options available to District […]