Monthly Archives: July 2013

Washington Post: The D.C. Council Takes a Stand Against Democracy

July has been a momentous month for D.C. democracy. Last week, the budget-autonomy charter amendment that District voters passed overwhelmingly in April became law. And this month, the D.C. Council held a hearing on a bill that would, for the first time, fund the shadow congressional delegation and commit funds […]

The Power of the People

The District has just taken an historic step forward for democracy—and it wouldn’t have been possible without the work of the District’s voters.   Earlier this week, the Local Budget Autonomy Charter Amendment that D.C. voters overwhelmingly approved in the April 23 referendum became law. By Congress choosing not to […]

Council Bill Will Advance D.C. Democracy

At a hearing before the D.C. Council Committee of the Whole, Executive Director Walter Smith testified that the District of Columbia Statehood Advocacy Act will provide greater support for efforts to advance democracy for District residents. He also testified that the bill will support not just the ultimate goal of […]

WAMU Commentary: Don’t Hamper D.C.’s Soon-to-Be-Elected Attorney General

In 2010, D.C. voters passed a charter referendum making the city’s attorney general elected rather than appointed by the mayor. Mr. Nathan is concerned that the elected attorney general will disagree with the elected mayor on various issues. He therefore proposes to take authority away from the attorney general and […]