Monthly Archives: May 2013

Walter’s Corner: Implementing Healthcare Reform in the District

The D.C. Council will face an important decision on June 4. That’s when it will vote on whether to adopt legislation setting up the District’s Health Benefit Exchange under the Affordable Care Act, as recommended by Mayor Vincent Gray and the District’s Health Benefit Exchange Authority. Importantly, the legislation would […]

A More Competitive Marketplace

The Council is considering a proposal to make the District’s Health Benefit Exchange the exclusive marketplace for individual and small group plans. Executive Director Walter Smith and Boardmember Deborah Chollet testified that this proposal will help advance already existing standards for the District’s largest health insurer, and give D.C. residents […]

Walter’s Corner: Will You Ask the Council to Invest in Adult Literacy?

The District has gotten serious about preparing residents for jobs. It’s invested in new initiatives from a community college to a workforce intermediary. Yet over 80,000 adults living in D.C. lack the basic literacy skills necessary to succeed in training, higher education, and the job market. That’s why DC Appleseed […]